Up and Early Rise N’ Shine (UERS)

Up and Early Rise N’ Shine (UERS)


UERS is a breakfast food delivery service based in East Lansing Michigan. Delivery of food, breakfast items, and basic school supplies to the door room of the customer on exam days or when needed. This service also comes with a wake-up phone call service to make sure the student is up. With these services the student will be in a good mood for the day to come.

Keep it a Bit Weird

Keep it a Bit Weird

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Denny’s also known as Denny’s Dinner on some locations is a full-service meal restaurant chain located throughout the U.S. Denny’s operates over 1600 locations worldwide. Denny’s was started in 1953 in Lakewood California. Denny’s is known for its all-day breakfast along with other meals anytime 24 hours a day.

Denny’s social media presence has kept it relevant in the social media era through simple slapstick comedy. Denny’s uses comedy to appeal to people; mainly young people. Denny’s main outlets social media outlets are its Facebook and Twitter. On the company’s twitter profile, they often post satire internet memes related to their brand; often mocking an internet sensation or a holiday.

As seen in the tweet above Denny’s makes fun of the Thanksgiving holiday. Why waste time making a full Thanksgiving dinner when you can just go to their location and have a grand feast. Humor tweets such as these are retweeted by many and gives the company a friendly image. This also sets Denny’s apart from the competition. Most sit- in restaurants come off with serious with a “deep toned voice commercial” telling the viewer how satisfied they will be.

In the tweet above another example of how Denny’s uses humor in order to connect with users and spread their brand. Of course everyone knows that the cliche “put your money where your mouth is not to be taken literal. In typical Denny’s fashion they added humor to this saying. Lastly, the tweet promotes the brand by saying put eggs in your mouth, this is not bad considering that Denny’s serves breakfast all-day.
Denny’s also has a mobile app by the name of Denny’s. With the app you can easily find restaurant locations that are the closest.Mobile app Every company needs an app because people are always near their phones.

Denny’s social media strategies have been highly heralded by many news and media outlets for their humorous strategy. Denny’s was named one of ten companies that do an amazing job on social media by the Social Times in 2015. Denny’s uses media as if there was no corporate planning or filter.This sense of weirdness resonates with millennials who are familiar with “internet meme” humor. This networking strategy is a clever one because it gives customers a sense of transparency and reliability, rather than putting on a “serious corporate persona”. Denny’s has received praise from Forbes for their presence, stating that  ” Denny’s Was The Original Social Network Before There Was A ‘Social Network”.

Social Media also allows Denny’s to stay relevant and make jokes about current pop culture sensations.  When McDonald’s declined Burger King’s idea for a peace burger on Twitter. Denny’s hopped in to land some humor tweeting at Burger King that they are  open for the idea of a collaborative burger. In this case, actions such as this works in Denny’s favor because it reiterates to their “be yourself” tone.

Denny’s also has variety of comedy videos  that they post on their Twitter and Facebook. All of these videos can be found on Denny’s Youtube page.

In this episode of Denny’s Grand Slam series a talking pancake tries to sell pancake themed items through TV. This is satire of shopping channels such as QVC. In most of Denny’s commercials there is no direct advertisement of a product; actions such as that would ruin the tone of the commercial. Advertising with short internet videos , rather than TV is what most companies are moving towards.

Denny’s has found a way to successfully capitalize on the today’s fast-paced internet humor. Whether it comes by way of funny tweets, satirical YouTube videos, or animated shorts; it all finds a way to trend through the internet and keep the brand relevant and profitable.